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Get Connected Using Front-Line Network Providers

Integrated Home Solutions of Blue Earth, Minnesota, installs industry leading network systems and IP services to boost the connectivity of your home or business. A fast and reliable network is crucial to many daily tasks in both the home and work environment. Ensure your network systems are running at optimal capacity with routers and switches from companies at the forefront of development. 


Top-Grade and Focused Networks

With enterprise-grade products and feature sets that provide for any environment, no matter how demanding, Arakinis™ products support an array of networking needs. With variations from 5 to 24 ports coming in both IT and AV design options, Araknis™ models can function in whatever industry they are installed in. For more information on their variety of powerful products, visit Araknis Networks.

Simple, Yet Professional IP Networking

Luxul™ is a cutting-edge innovator that leads the industry in the production of professional-grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals. Luxul™ products function with equal excellence in both residential and commercial environments. The design of Luxul™ products gives them the power to perform in any setting, but they have a simplified network design that makes it easy to operate and install. Their products are only sold through a network of authorized dealers such as Integrated Home Solutions. With their lifetime support and a three year warranty, Luxul™ products are the scalable solution to your IP needs. Find out more at Luxul.