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Experience a New Level of Presentation

Give your home an innovative and front-line home entertainment system with cutting edge speakers, TV mounts and satellite TV. Integrated Home Solutions of Blue Earth, Minnesota, provides installation of the next generation in home entertainment, so you and your family enjoy the leading edge of presentation. In addition, we also provide installation of smart boards to elevate your presentations to the pinnacle of excellence through technology. 


Bring Out the Best in Movies and Music

episode™ speakers bring the highest quality sounds possible to your home. When you hear your favorite movies or music coming out these speakers, you'll get chills at the level of detail you'll be able to hear. Every moment with episode™ speakers will be a mix of excitement and new-found audio appreciation. Find out more at episode Speakers.

Secure Your TV with the Perfect Angle

Give you TV a standalone way to be seen at the perfect angles while simultaneously being safely secured to a wall. Keep your TV away from spills, children, pets and any other hazards that may cause it damage with TV mounts from SnapAV™. For more information visit SnapAV.

Get Variety and Quality with Satellite TV

dish™ provides satellite TV for over 14 million people across the United States. It offers the best in programming and technology with the most choices at the best value. With the most channels and award winning HD & DVR technology, Dish™ can provide hours upon hours of entertainment for you and your family. Find out more information at dish.

Employ a Smarter Method of Presenting

Bring a whole new level of professionalism to your next presentation by using crisp visuals to impress your audience. BenQ America Corp.™ is the leading producer of smart boards, projectors and monitors for a variety of work and home needs. Whether needing a digital display for your business or a projector for a classroom, BenQ America Corp.™ products will deliver detailed and smooth displays. Visit BenQ America Corp for more information.

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